Terms and Conditions



When Ordering Online 

Shipping prices are FOB Electrosales' warehouse, or manufacturer's factory warehouse. Shipping charges will be prepaid and added to the order at time of shipping and invoicing.

When ordering online, the dealer will need to select their preferred shipping method in the Checkout Screen. These options include: Standard Ground, 3-Day Expedited, 2-Day Expedited and Overnight RUSH. Expedited and RUSH options will have additional charges from the carrier and in some cases from the manufacturer. These charges are not determined by Electrosales and are NOT negotiable. If you require an exact shipping quote before ordering, please contact us via sales@electrosales.net to submit a Request For Quote (RFQ). 

Shipping cut-off for Electrosales warehouse is 2:30pm CST. Any orders for in-stock items received after 2:30pm CST will not ship until the following business day. Items shipped from manufacturer warehouses will be dependent upon that manufacturer's shipping cut-off times.

Shipping Requests

Please use the 'Comments / More Information' dialog box on the checkout screen to provide any special shipping requests (i.e.; Ship Complete, Partial Ship, Blind Ship, etc...).

Special Order Items and Drop Shipping

Items not in stock locally may be special ordered or drop shipped directly from a manufacturer. Special order items typically have a one to two week lead time, but may vary depending upon availability and back-orders. Drop shipping availability is dependent upon the manufacturer and may not be available for all items or warehouses.

International Shipping

At this time, Electrosales will only accept orders placed from and shipping to the United States.

Address Changes

Any address or shipping changes requested after an order is placed may incur additional fees. If an order has already shipped, is requested to be expedited or is re-routed in any fashion, then any and all additional shipping fees assessed by the carrier and/or shipper will be charged to the dealer. If you have questions about whether or not a post-order change will result in additional fees, please contact us so we can discuss your situation further.

Large Freight Items

Items that require 'LTL' (Less-Than-Load), lift-gate or other specialized freight delivery services will have those services quoted AFTER an order has been placed, but BEFORE the item(s) are shipped. A single 'Firm Freight Quote' (hereafter referred to as 'FFQ') will be provided at no charge on each order. Electrosales is not obligated to provide multiple FFQs for an order or any individual items. After a FFQ has been submitted to the customer, they may choose to proceed with the quoted services or cancel the order. The customer may cancel an order or large freight item any time before shipment without penalty fees. If an order is canceled after an item has shipped, any cancellation fees assessed by the freight company will be invoiced to the customer, even if delivery is not completed to a location.

LTL Freight quotes are for curb side delivery or may require a loading dock at a business or commercial building. A delivery window is typically indicated before delivery is attempted. The freight company may also call you ahead of time when they plan to attempt delivery. Any extras like delivery inside the house or product unpacking/assembly are at the customers expense and will be billed directly by the freight company. Such services should be negotiated by the customer and do not involve Electrosales.

Tracking Information

Tracking information is issued upon shipment for all items shipping from Electrosales' local warehouse. Tracking numbers will be issued via email to the address provided during checkout. The availability of tracking on drop shipped packages is dependent on the manufacturer and may or may not be readily available to Electrosales. 


While largely beyond our control, please know that Electrosales will work with manufacturers to get your items as quickly as possible in the case of a backorder. Customers will be notified via email of any manufacturer backorders. An estimated shipping date will be given if one has been provided by the manufacturer. ETAs on back-ordered items are estimates only and items may ship before or after any estimated dates. 

What happens if my product is defective or I want to request a return?

See the "Return Policy" section and "Return FAQ" sub-heading below for further details on returning items. 


Sales Tax

All dealers/companies are required to submit appropriate tax exempt information for the state they are operating out of when they apply for an account. Missouri applicants may use this copy of the Missouri Tax Exemption Form (PDF) if they do not already have a PDF copy of their certificate. Applicants in all other states should send a PDF copy of their state issued resale certificate or submit a copy of this Sales/Use Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF). Sales tax is dependent on the state that items are being shipped to, not ordered from. If shipping to a state that your company does not have tax exemption documentation on file with Electrosales, you may be charged sales tax for that order depending upon local tax laws and nexus requirements. Federal and State tax laws are consistently being updated and revised. Please contact us before ordering if you are unsure of what documentation you have on file. We will be happy to assist.


Return Policy

This policy is part of our agreement to accept your credit card order. We reserve the right to modify this agreement as business needs dictate.

Electrosales strives to offer the very best customer service possible and make the buying of your audio equipment an easy and satisfying experience. We will make every effort to assist you with any problem or situation that may arise with your purchase.

We cover your order for the first 30 days after you purchase. During this period, contact us with any problems and we will be happy to assist. After the 30 day period, you'll need to contact the manufacturer of your product if you have any problems or discover any defects. 

Return FAQ

What happens if my product is defective?

Please read all instructions and make sure you using the item properly before contacting us about a return. Customers should also contact the manufacturer's technical support or customer services before initiating a return to see if they can assist further.

If the product you receive from us is found to be defective during the first 30 days after invoice date, we will REPLACE the unit with a new one. If you've ordered a system with multiple components that is to be installed at a later date, you must inspect and check all of the goods upon receipt as we will not accept returns on defective merchandise after 30 days. Call us to obtain a RMA # (Return Material Authorization Number). At that time we will try to determine the problem and help you correct it over the phone if possible. If the item is determined to be defective, we will issue a call tag to have it picked up at no charge to you. In the case of large items that require specialized freight or trucking pickup and delivery, we will work with the manufacture and logistic companies to facilitate the delivery of such items. Customers will likely need to be present during pickup of large freight items. 

All returned products must have any and all items/accessories/warranties/paperwork that were included with the product upon initial delivery in order to receive a full credit for the returned item(s). The RMA # should be visibly indicated on the return shipping label in the 'Attention' (ATTN:) field. Items should be returned in the same packaging that was used by Electrosales or the manufacturer on the initial delivery. Boxes should be securely taped and sealed to prevent additional damage during return shipping. Any shipping post office and/or shipping store should be able to assess if a package is secure for shipping or what concerns need to be addressed before shipping a package.

If a product is found not to be defective after return (or if it appears the item was abused or used in a way other than intended or directed by the manufacturer) a 20% restocking fee will be charged to the customer's credit card (or other payment method) for the item as well as any shipping/freight charges that were incurred for the item's return. Alternatively, an item's return may be refused and returned back to the customer at their expense if an item appears to have been abused or was neglectfully packaged for return.

We will not accept returns on merchandise after 30 days of receipt.

We cover your order for the first 30 days after you purchase. During this period, contact us with any problems and we will be happy to assist. After the 30 day period, you'll need to contact the manufacturer of your product if you have any problems or discover any defects. 

What happens if my equipment arrives damaged?

If the item is obviously damaged by looking at the shipping carton, refuse the box unless the driver allows you to examine the contents. If that is not allowed by the driver, you may (1) accept the item BUT NOTE ON THE DAMAGE WHEN YOU SIGN FOR IT. Or (2) refuse it and it will be returned to the shipper. At that time, please call us 888-869-0770 and let us know that you refused the order and we will begin the paperwork to get another piece out to you.

If your product has concealed damage that was not obvious by looking at the shipping container, please save all the boxes and materials and call us as soon as possible. You must report damage within 10 days of receipt to file a claim. Your rights to file a claim depend on quick notification to the shipping company and their examination of the box and its contents.


Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy when using our website is important to us. Please note how your data will be used.
Data for Payment
The shopping cart may collect the following shopper information for credit card processing:
  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Email
  • Address (billing and/or shipping)
  • Credit/Debit Card Details
  • Checking Account Details
  • IP
The information is collected so that payment can be processed and shipping can occur. The payment data will be shared with a payment processor as well as the order total and possibly order details such as the products ordered. Payment processors include:
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • ACH Transfer
  • Manual (off-line)
Data for Shipping
In order to ship a physical good, a shipping address is needed as well as product weight, box sizes, and order totals. This information will be shared with UPS.
Data for Analytics
Pages browsed will be logged by the Web Server and tracked by Google Analytics. The information tracked and logged will include your IP.
Data collected when browsing the store
Your IP and cookie data will be shared with Facebook, Twitter should their integrated links be available and you choose to click on such links.
Data Collected when Registering
When you register for an account we collect your Name and Email and when you checkout we store your Billing Address, Shipping Address, and Order Details to enable easy check out the next time you order.
Cookies are small files stored by your browser on your device. They are used to remember preferences and improve the browsing and checkout experience. Our shopping cart uses the following cookies:
  • Shopping Basket Cookie — sets a basket ID to correlate to your temporary shopping cart file. (remains for up to 30 days)
  • Mini Cart Cookie — contains a list of products you have added to your cart. Used for displaying your shopping basket while you browse store pages. (remains for up to 30 days)
  • Shopper Cookie — saves email, billing address and shipping address so that the next time you check out your address information is already populated. This cookie is created when you submit an order. (is kept for 1 year)
  • Customer Registration Cookie — contains your name and whether or not you are logged in. (remains for up to 20 minutes)
Data Retention
Orders — When an order is completed the order information (including email, name, address, products, shipping method, etc.) is stored in a database. That information remains for up to one year.
Customer Registration — Your orders and addresses will remain until you delete them in your account.
Data Retention
Orders — Contact us to remove order data.
Customer Registration — Contact us to remove your account.
Cookies — Cookies can be cleared by you. The method used depends on the browser and device. See wikiHow for more information.
Fulfilling Data Requests
Contact us if you need a copy of your Orders or Customer Registration data.
Use of E-Mail Addresses

We NEVER sell e-mail addresses. The only reason we ask for yours when you check out is so that we can send you a confirmation email of your order and as an alternate method of contacting you if necessary. Occasionally we may send out an informational or promotional sales email, but these are rare and you will always be offered a chance to stop receiving these.


If you ever have any questions about our privacy policy or anything else please feel free to contact us by email: sales@electrosales.net or by phone 1-800-353-0778.